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While it's not very far from Aikenvale to The Village, it's a long way from living in a share house with your mates to moving into your own brand-new three-bedroom home. But that's the journey that Jordan Ryder has been on over the past seven months.

The 23-year-old branch manager for an international freight company has only recently moved into his wonderful Grady home, a month ahead of schedule, but he's already discovering the many benefits of living in this community.

"Once I'd finished unpacking, I took my girlfriend in to Palmer Street for dinner. I couldn't believe it only took us five minutes to get there, so even getting a cab from the city if we needed is going to be really fast and cheap. We have Bunnings and Fairfield Central just down the road as well as the restaurants at The Precinct. I used to think that Aikenvale was really close to everything, but now can see how much more central and connected The Village is."

Jordan said he had been saving for a home for a long time, but the money was just sitting stagnant in the bank and with interest rates so low, it made it a great time to get into the real estate market. As a first home owner he said he was really nervous about the commitment but now believes it was a great decision to invest and build at The Village – especially with the first home buyers incentives and low borrowing rates.

His single story house is an expansive 211 m² with all the mod cons and the latest in sustainable energy efficiency, and sits an easy to manage 280 m² block. "It's a great house with three big bedrooms and great indoor and outdoor areas for entertaining as well as the big kitchen I really wanted  but the yard is both small enough to be manageable with my busy lifestyle and more than big enough for me to get the dog that I wanted for a long time."

Jordan says he was looking for somewhere to buy and build for about two years and as he works at Bohle he began looking in the northern beaches area where people had told him houses were cheap and the blocks were big. But he soon realised that the commute into the rising sun every morning, then back into the sunset along with all the other traffic struggling up the Bruce Highway, made that area less and less attractive to him. 

"The idea of a half hour commute just to get to and from anywhere was a real turn off. Working at Bohle and with the Ring Road so close at Cluden, it's only 15 minutes to and from work. I used to think that Aikenvale was a convenient location, but it's got nothing on The Village."

Jordan stumbled over The Village almost by accident. His mum works at the Townsville Hospital and she heard a co-worker's son had bought in The Village and said it was a real hidden gem. So Jordan went to have a look was quickly sold. 

"What first attracted me to The Village was the price. I quickly realised just how much house I could get for my money and how close it was to the city, and it just made sense that not only was this the most cost-effective place to live but as the city centre continues to develop its going to get much more valuable. Buying here was a no-brainer. If you want a real house in a new area close to the city, you really only have one choice and it's a good one."

Economics aside, Jordan says even in the short time he's been at The Village he's been impressed with the vibe of the place and how much potential it has. With the greenspace and original big trees he said it seems like an established community and not a new development. Jordan says he's looking forward to facilities like the community centre opening up in time.

"I've been so impressed that I tell all my friends that they should buy here when they come to visit, and it must be working as a couple of my mates had actually bought around The Village and a really good mate has just bought a block two doors down from me so it's going to be even more friendly when he builds."

Jordan says there is only one downside of living at The Village and it's that he is much too close to the homemaker shops and Fairfield Central. "This is way too close to Bunnings, and with all the new big box shops opening next door, I can almost feel the damage being done to my credit card."